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I'm still gasping... The story really keeps your breath until you are sure that you have put that mad guy out of the way... The background music gives the episode a special atmosphere I've hardly found in other videogames... The artwork contributes to the neo-noir, depressive atmosphere the story successfully tries to keep... I can't wait to watch/play the next episode... My, I wished that Sierra and LucasArts adventures were half as good as your stories are... This is definitely the discovery of the day! In fact, I was intending to go to bed soon, and here I am, at 3:30AM, playing with your little masterpieces... My congratulations... It doesn't matter how many lines I fill in this form... I'll never be able to express enough how much I've liked your games... - Angela Louzao, Age 21, Barcelona, Spain

Ambition is a web based episodic mystery series. What distinguishes this series from other web animations is that at the heart of each episode there is a negotiation puzzle.

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Episode #1 of Ambition: "The Desperate Dad" is currently showcased at the Portal at Newgrounds where it has been voted by the viewers as one of the best.

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some of the thousaunds of comments we recieve

"Well all i can say is what a great way to have fun yet learn, this has got to be the most addictive thing i have seen yet, games and fun are one thing but this is just taking it to a new level!! This has by far got to be one of the best sites i have ever been to. The creativity and work put into this has been throughly thought out and is very well put together. Continute the good work and keep 'em coming!!!" - Tammy Vautour

"I just wanted 2 say that I think your site and your creations are TOOO freakin AWESOME!!! KICK ASS work my friend, I have gotten everybody I know w/ at work and outside HOOKED on your "dramas". I hope you're gettin a good cut of $$$ for your creations, cause they're worth it! Anyway, KEEP it up buddy! PEACE!" - Anonymous

"These things are addictive! If you don't beat them the first time around, you keep playing until you do. I think they're cool." - Jennifer

"First, not only does this flash make you pick your brain a little but it also gives you sympathy for the store clerk. There were points where I felt sorry for the girl and when I didn't want to annoy her. This flash also had wonderful voice acting and the added hint feature proved most useful. Anybody who gives this entry a bad rating obviously is either ignorant, stupid, or just immature." - Icewolf, Newgrounds

"I think this site is one of the best that I have visited. This is exactly what I was looking for. I would like to congratulate whoever invented this site on a job well done" - Roxie McCall

"I found all three episodes of "Ambition" by Michael Gibson excellent. They all took me several attempts and taught me a lot. I found that there was just enough information to tease my brain and make me think, but not so much that I would become a simple 'vegetable,' just watching another movie. I found the third episode particularly preferable. I do sympathise with him, but it was not so much Ted himself that interested me. I am a particular fan about Ted's theory on the truth being just like an onion in that there are layers upon layers, ultimately leaving you with the choice to either just let it rest and trust in God, or to try and pursue it in your own mortal strength, and send yourself mad. My congratulations to Michael Gibson, clearly a talented mind behind these interactive cartoons." - Esther